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 Want to give your vehicle that custom feel?  Hydro dipping can accomplish this. Hydro dipping, also known as Water Transfer Printing, is the process of applying a new finish to any hard surface.  This is done by dipping your product into a hydro tank to adhere a graphic film.

The process starts by preparing your product for the refinishing.  A polyvinyl film containing the pattern is then placed on top of a vat of water. Next, an activator is applied to release the print from the polyvinyl backing.  Your product is then dipped into the solution, transferring the graphic to your piece.  Once dried, an automotive clear coat is applied for added protection.  For gloss finishes, the 3M Perfect-It Paint Finishing System is applied: Part# 06085 rubbing compound (fine), Part# 06064 Fine Machine Polish, and Part# 06068 Ultra Fine Machine Polish.  After polishing, you can use any good car wax to enhance the protection.


Advantages of Hydro-Dipping:

  • Holds up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Extremely durable
  • Many designs available

Please contact us for pricing.  There are hundreds of different patterns you can choose from.  Hydro dip works on plastics and metals!  Even wheels can be dipped!